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The four types of business risk from climate change   Leave a comment

What if the climate scientists are right? What if humans and the actions of business – especially the burning of fossil fuels – is changing the composition of the atmosphere and causing the Earth to warm?

Companies face four types of risk from climate change concerning direct physical impacts, or via regulation, reputation damage and litigation, which are more indirect in nature in that they concern the responses of society and governments to the way companies address, or don’t address, carbon issues and climate concerns. Read the rest of this entry »


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Yonderr on the 7pm Project   Leave a comment

Andrew Grant, CEO of the CO2 Group, will be a guest on the 7PM Project on Wednesday 31 August.  Tune in to find out more about Yonderr, a website where you can reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing accredited carbon offsets.  They come guilt free and leave you knowing that you are really contributing to projects that actually remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere.  Yonderr is the best place in the world to offset your carbon emissions. At home or work.

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The economic thinking behind a carbon tax   Leave a comment

An externality is a cost or a benefit arising from an economic transaction that falls on a third party and that is not taken into account by those who undertake the transaction1. Economics studies two forms of externalities.  A positive externality is something that benefits society, but in such a way that the producer does not fully profit from the gains made.  A negative externality is something that costs the producer nothing, but is costly to society in general.

For example, when a home owner fills her garden with beautiful spring flowers, she generates an externality – in this case an external benefit – for all the joggers and walkers who pass by, inhaling the fragrances and admiring the scene behind her fences. But, in deciding how much to spend on her display, the gardener takes into account only the benefits accruing to herself. On the other hand, when a paper mill dumps its waste products into a river, killing the fish, it imposes an externality – in this case, an external cost – on the people who live downstream and depend on the fish for their livelihood. Since the mill does not bear these costs, it doesn’t take them into account in deciding whether to dump waste into the river.   Read the rest of this entry »

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EMS   Leave a comment

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is part of an overall management system which includes organisational structure, planning, activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing and maintaining a defined environmental policy.   An EMS should comply with the organisation’s aims and regulatory requirements and recognises all significant environmental impacts and ensures that there are processes in place to reduce negative impacts over time. Importantly, there is a need to react to the moving market place (what does the community demand? what is the level of accessibility to key natural resources?) and evolving regulatory regimes (what are government’s objectives?).

Interestingly, ISO14001 standards do not formally require firms to establish performance improvement goals. They only require that a process is created to facilitate this action because they are procedural standards, not goal driven standards. This may create the illusion to top management that all is well because the process is in place and has been certified. The attention of management may therefore shift from improving environmental performance to merely completing a procedure, getting the box checked and then leaving the EMS handbook sitting in a desk drawer or on a book shelf collecting dust. Read the rest of this entry »

Death of a pioneer   Leave a comment

Sad news to hear about the death of Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface and sustainability pioneer. Here’s a great tribute in The Guardian from John Elkington, Co-Founder of the UK think thank SustainAbility, and is himself a guru in the field

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PACIA Carbon Solutions Forum: energy efficiencies   Leave a comment

Equilibrium is pleased to again be associated with another successful and well attended Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association Carbon Solutions Forum on 4th August, held at EPA Victoria. Topic of the day was “energy efficiencies”, with guest presentations that covered a series of interesting aspects:

Top 10 Easy Actions: lessons for all from PACIA’s Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Opportunity Identification Program Damien Wigley (Equilibrium)

Damien presented the Top 10 results of the 2010/11 Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Opportunity Identification program that has been run by PACIA to assist member companies to understand what is contributing to their greenhouse gas emission profile and what efficiencies could be implemented to reduce energy use and expenses, and help businesses prepare for a lower cost, cleaner energy future. Read the rest of this entry »

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