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Equilibrium is pleased to again be associated with another successful and well attended Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association Carbon Solutions Forum on 4th August, held at EPA Victoria. Topic of the day was “energy efficiencies”, with guest presentations that covered a series of interesting aspects:

Top 10 Easy Actions: lessons for all from PACIA’s Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Opportunity Identification Program Damien Wigley (Equilibrium)

Damien presented the Top 10 results of the 2010/11 Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Opportunity Identification program that has been run by PACIA to assist member companies to understand what is contributing to their greenhouse gas emission profile and what efficiencies could be implemented to reduce energy use and expenses, and help businesses prepare for a lower cost, cleaner energy future.

Lighting management: putting a stop to energy waste Yann Boulic (HPM Legrand)

 HPM Legrand is a leader in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks in Australia and New Zealand. In his presentation, Yann discussed how lighting management systems can reduce electricity costs with particular emphasis on day lighting sensors and smart switching technologies.

The impact of water treatment on refrigeration system energy efficiency Tom Steele (Nalco)

The refrigeration plant is a major power consumer in many process plants. Maintaining clean heat transfer surfaces in the condenser and evaporator ensures refrigeration plants operate at optimum energy efficiency, minimizing the operating cost and greenhouse gas emissions. Tom illustrated how cooling water program management and refrigeration system performance monitoring results in savings with refrigeration systems.

Identifying, implementing and evaluating energy efficiency opportunities Travis Hughes (AGL)

AGL is a leading energy company and is Australia’s largest private owner, operator and developer of renewable generation assets. In his presentation, Travis spoke about rising energy bills, barriers to energy efficiency in industry as well as the practical implementation of energy efficiency, such as power factor correction.

Previous forum presentations on topics including: cooling towers, thermal insulation and pipe lagging, energy contracts, low carbon on-site power generation and GreenPower options, tri-gen and co-generation opportunities, boiler and steam efficiencies, compressed air systems, alternative transport fuels, fleet and fuel efficiencies, physical and economic impacts of climate change, energy networks and financial and carbon abatement are freely available here.


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