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Upcoming free event: PACIA Life Cycle Thinking Forum   Leave a comment

Date: Tuesday 6 March 2012
Time: 8.45am registration for 9am – 12pm
Location: EPA Victoria Conference Room, Level 4, 200 Victoria Street, Carlton Vic 3053
Cost: Free

PACIA is pleased to invite you and your colleagues to attend this important forum on the current status and future of life cycle thinking in Australia. Come along to contribute, learn and engage in active dialogue with peers, experts and influential stakeholders.  Life cycle thinking is critical in helping us achieve a more sustainable way of living. Under PACIA’s Sustainability Leadership Framework, the Australian chemistry industry has adopted the following goal: “An industry taking a life cycle view of materials, processes and products”.

We look forward to opening up the dialogue with you on how we collectively can continue to drive life cycle thinking across all parts of the community.

At the forum you will:
*   Hear real-life learnings about the benefits and challenges of life cycle thinking for business and the environment, from LyondellBasell Australia, our sole manufacturer of polypropylene

*   Ask what value life cycle thinking brings to the community, business, research, government and regulators

*   Explore the tools, resources and programs that are driving the take-up of life cycle principles

*   Discuss what our best path forward is, and who needs to take action

Don’t miss this special opportunity to participate in the debate, learn from others, contribute your views and experiences, and help frame the future for life cycle thinking in Australia.

This forum is open to all and will be facilitated by Equilibrium.

Register now with Shane Gladigau at Equilibrium:

By email:

By phone: (03) 9690 8090 or 0425 724 822


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Selling sustainability internally   Leave a comment

The outlook for the global economy is taking a hammering in the media and job cuts are being announced amongst some sectors of the Australian economy.  In our experience, environmental and social responsibility definitely remains on the radars of many businesses, large, small and the ones in between. However, after picking the low-hanging fruits, the work becomes much more challenging.

Given economic concerns and the current high value of the Australian dollar (especially amongst manufacturers and anybody competing with imports or exporting goods and services), it’s likely sustainability goals have slipped down a few rungs on the ladder of importance for many business leaders, beyond minimum compliance requirements.

So, how do you go about getting a new company sustainability initiative heard in the places that matters? How do you “sell” sustainability internally? Read the rest of this entry »

De-carbonising the economy – don’t panic!   Leave a comment

In a few months, the Labour government will begin the process of de-carbonising the Australian economy with a tax on the top 500 biggest carbon polluters. This rates up there with some of the most significant attempts at reform in the country’s history.

Pricing carbon pollution will change relative prices, making goods that generate more pollution more expensive and those that generate less pollution relatively cheaper. An initial price will be fixed at $23/t CO2-e, rising by 2.5% a year in real terms from 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2015, before transitioning to an emissions trading scheme from  July 2015 onwards, when the price will be set by the market.

In response, those businesses affected will be allocating capital in the most cost effective way to minimise their exposure to the tax and costs of compliance by investing in new technologies, energy efficiency, fuel switching, staff engagement and internal awareness raising to help reduce costs and emissions. A great example of an industry responding is the Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association’s Carbon Solutions Program under its Sustainability Leadership Framework (something Equilibrium has been actively, and proudly, involved with).  Read the rest of this entry »

2012 State of Green Business report   Leave a comment

The outlook for the global economy – according to media reports, economic think-tanks and international institutions – is not all roses as we delve into 2012.  Markets in the European Union are down for goods and services, social tensions are on the rise in the Middle-East, the US is in a holding pattern, and many local companies are freezing contracts, deferring investments, shedding staff and preparing for worst-case-scenarios.

It would seem that consumers are preoccupied with saving their jobs and homes rather than any interest in “saving the planet.” Environmental and social activists are trying hard to keep green issues in view, while the public’s concern over climate change in this year of the carbon tax may shift from “we-must-do-something” to “it’s debatable”, especially as electricity prices begin to increase the costs of living and doing business. Read the rest of this entry »