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27.07.12 – Influencing habits   Leave a comment

Take shorter showers. Turn the lights off and switch appliances off at the power point. Drive the car less often. Recycle and re-use.

We have thrived as a species because of our capacity to adapt and change, but are we going to be able to change our behaviours fast enough in the face of evidence that suggests we are living beyond our means? To bring a balance into economic, social and environmental considerations, we face clear challenges requiring changes in our everyday behaviour.

Professor Bas Verplanken provided some interesting insight this week during a public lecture he held in Melbourne on behalf of BehaviourWorks. He is a professor and head of the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath, England, where he specialises in theory-informed applied research, with a particular emphasis on habits in the health, consumer and environmental behaviour fields. Read the rest of this entry »


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19.07.12 – Green buildings: a lever for attracting and maintaining talent   Leave a comment

According to the ABS, in August 1966, 46% of all employed people in Australia worked in production industries. Fast forward to 45 years later, and that proportion had halved to 23%. During that period, almost all employment growth has been in the service sector, the workforce of which has more than tripled from 2.6 million to 8.7 million, a relative rise from 54% of all employed people in August 1966, to 77% in August 2011. Meanwhile the number of people working in production industries remained steady at between 2.2 and 2.7 million.

What this means is that a lot more of us are working in office buildings. While good pay will always be the key to attracting and maintaining staff, the aesthetics of our work surroundings is also becoming an important differentiator in the impending war for talent. Read the rest of this entry »

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13.07.12 – silos and sustainability   Leave a comment

At Equilibrium, we work at the intersection of economy, society and environment. Quite often, this means we immerse ourselves in a “grey area” of uncertainty, that is, the choices we try to help our clients make are not always black and white. Sustainability, corporate responsibility, or however you wish to call it, means different things to different people.

Having a very clear definition of what the client, as a business, is trying to achieve is an absolutely critical first step. Are they purely interested in energy efficiency? Do they want to implement a sustainable supply chain policy? Are they interested in waste reduction, or water savings? Do they want to reduce their carbon footprint?  Do they want to implement a staff awareness campaign around sustainability? Do they want to create a new product or service with better environmental credentials? Or do they want to do all these, and more??? Read the rest of this entry »

06.07.12 – the SME CR social media story   Leave a comment

During the year, we’ve been showing how online engagement and social media channels are emerging as an ideal platform for large companies to share their corporate responsibility (CR) story with stakeholders – economic, environmental, social. Indeed, it’s a particularly powerful combination given that both CR and social media are rooted in the principles of authenticity, transparency, credibility, collaboration and learning from your community to build a better, stronger business.

Opportunities for companies to inform and engage key stakeholders around their CR initiatives continues to increase as understanding and usage of so­cial media becomes more sophisticated. At the large company level, resources and staff time can be funnelled into figuring out the best way proceed. But what about the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) sector?  Last week’s blog looked at the key differences between big businesses and SMEs, and the fact that CR looks a lot different to SMEs. Read the rest of this entry »

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