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28.09.12 – ECTs and ecocide   Leave a comment

In the face of sustainability challenges, special environmental courts and tribunals are emerging. The NGO, Access Initiative, published a report entitled “Greening Justice: Creating and Improving Environmental Courts and Tribunals” that demonstrates the significant growth of these tribunals. The report highlights that, currently, over 350 specialised environmental courts and tribunals (ECTs) have been established in 41 countries, with most of these being created just since 2004.

With the growth of ECTs comes the growth in lawyers willing to use them. Legal activism is the use of the legal process as a powerful tool for effecting social change and advancing the public interest. Activist lawyers are increasingly challenging businesses on environmental and social grounds and working to highlight lapses in corporate responsibility through the legal system. This is occurring at the global, national and local level. Read the rest of this entry »

21.09.12 – Creativity and sustainability   Leave a comment

If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse” – Henry Ford

Researcher, Charles Leadbeater, in a 2005 TED talk on innovation said something along the lines that the traditional view enshrined in much of the way we think about creativity and innovation in businesses, is that creativity is about “special” people. Special people who wear baseball caps the wrong way round and work in special places, such as elite universities or special R&D labs in the forests in special odd-shaped rooms painted funny colours,  with bean bags, air hockey tables, free food and personal baristas. Special people in special places, generating special ideas that spawn special business models, special products and special services that grow the company and its revenue streams to special heights.

Creativity, however, needs to be embraced by all of us, not just a select group of the human population.   It’s even more important for everyone to be thinking creatively in such uncertain economic times. As a business, as a manager, as an employee, self-preservation depends on it! Read the rest of this entry »

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13.09.12 – Sustainability: why bother?   Leave a comment

The developed world has been very successful in producing big houses and high-rise buildings, factories and farms, motor vehicles and power plants, all conceived to serve a purpose: to help make our lives easier, wealthier, more convenient, more enjoyable and more productive. Unfortunately, during the design phase, little thought went into the long-term impact on the Earth and its ability to continue providing for us into the future.

Sustainability challenges us to make decisions that simultaneously improve the economy, the community and the environment. However, this challenge may seem far outside the scope of many people’s responsibility in the work place – why should a business take time to examine its impacts on these complex ‘feel good’ issues? Answering this question is why governments and businesses of all description engage the services of specialist firms like Equilibrium. Read the rest of this entry »

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06.09.12 – A tale of two islands   Leave a comment

One of the striking things about Singapore is how incredibly clean the city is. The city knows that it can not focus only on economic growth, but that it has to make the most of its scarce resources to maintain a good quality living environment in such a compact city state.

Economic growth will continue to put more pressure on their limited land, water and energy resources, while the city will have to be more densely built as the economy grows and the population expands. It will be more and more challenging to ensure that economic growth does not come at a high environmental price, depriving them of clean air, water and land.

The same can be said for beautiful Koh Samui, Thailand, which is just beginning its development journey. With increasing numbers of tourists visiting, the island faces a similar set of circumstances to Singapore. These visitors are the main income for thousands and thousands of the inhabitants and residents of the island. While the locals try to capture the tourist dollar, the danger is that rampant development will result in environmental degradation that will undermine the very reasons tourists visit. It is already obvious they have a problem with litter, traffic congestion and access to fresh water and reliable energy supplies. Read the rest of this entry »

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