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30.10.12 – confused about “sustainable” paper??   Leave a comment

The Independent Australian Sustainable Paper Procurement Guide assists buyers of printing and communication papers to make informed purchasing decisions.

It will help you avoid known pitfalls and issues that can result in unsustainable outcomes and have a negative impact on your business reputations and brands.

Equilibrium has partnered with pulp and paper market intelligence experts IndustryEdge to produce the Guide. It covers the widest possible range of sustainability issues, supplying both minimum and known best practice criteria. It includes commentary drawn from our team’s extensive consulting experience. It does not refer to or recommend any particular products or manufacturers.

Focus in this Guide is on printing and communication papers. A companion Guide will shortly be released for the tissue sector, which is similar, but has some important differences.

Individual copies are just AUD100 (plus GST in Australia) per copy, with multiple copies available at discount rates.

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24.10.12 – Powering down   Leave a comment

An interesting event last week put on by the Grattan Institute – The Future of Carbon Pricing and the Australian Electricity Market, with a keynote presentation by Professor Ross Garnaut, an economist whose career has been built around the analysis of, and practice of, policy connected to development, economics and international relations in Australia, Asia and the Pacific. He is also the author of the Garnaut Climate Change Review

According to Garnaut, what we’ve seen in Australia since 2008, is the ending of a long period of rising electricity demand. A decrease in wholesale demand is generating decreased pressure on wholesale prices. They are actually lower now than they were in 2006-07, despite the introduction of the carbon price on 1 July. Read the rest of this entry »

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17.10.12 – The inescapable challenges of the 21st Century   Leave a comment

Sir John Beddington, the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser since 2008, conducted a public lecture last week at the University of Melbourne as a guest of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. Given his position and background, Sir John is a person who speaks with distinction and authority, and a person policymakers would do well to listen to.

Although delivered with good humour, Sir John certainly provided a bleak message with stark challenges. Throughout the last few years he has been raising the potential challenges of a “perfect storm” created by the interconnected global challenges of food security, climate change and the world’s rapidly growing demands for energy and water, raising this as a priority in the UK and internationally. Read the rest of this entry »

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09.10.12 – ‘Like’ me! Reputation in a hyper-connected world   Leave a comment

With trade flows and online communications connecting the world on a level never before seen, business activities, large and small, are being increasingly scrutinised more closely and more widely, not just locally, but globally also. In this hyper-connected world, the gap between the point of origin and the point of consumption has been narrowed considerably.

Any indiscretion, or perceived indiscretion, relating to the environment or society – eg. pollution, unfair labour practices – can quickly result in any business being condemned in the court of public opinion. Without the controls or procedures of a court room, lawyers prove worthless and, rightly or wrongly, a business can be judged morally or ethically “liable” for indiscretions. Read the rest of this entry »