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30.07.2014 – Updated waste tyre regulations and recycling   Leave a comment

Better management of waste tyres and increased appropriate tyre recycling is a priority agenda item for Government, industry and environment groups with a raft of new measures being implemented.

The New South Wales and Victorian Governments have both flagged a tightening on sites that receive and stockpile waste tyres. The Boomerang Alliance and the Australian Tyre Recyclers Association are continuing their push to raise recycling standards and increase operators’ transparency and accountability.

On Friday 25 July the NSW EPA and Boomerang Alliance hosted a summit to hear the regulators proposed response to this long running environmental, economic and community problem.

The NSW EPA informed the audience that, among other measures, it will tighten site licensing requirements. Whereas previously sites storing 50 tonnes or more of waste tyres needed a licence, in the future it will be required for sites storing 5 tonnes or more. See the draft regulations here

In May 2014 the Victorian Government announced tighter rules for the storage of waste tyres including new fire control measures. The rules increase compliance requirements for sites storing more than 40 tonnes of waste tyres. See the interim policy at

The NSW summit was told there is well in excess of 30 million end-of-life or waste tyres disposed of in Australia every year and that with vehicle registrations increasing at about 2% a year it will be a growing problem.



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23.07.2014 – New recycling target   Leave a comment

Australia’s National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS) enters a new phase with a mandated 90% material recovery target coming into force from July 1.

To facilitate reporting and accountability, the Australian Government Department of Environment has introduced a new methodology to clarify how material recovery will be measured and reported against the NTCRS.

The Department, with support from Equilibrium, has developed a methodology based on chain-of-custody tracking that traces materials from initial recycling through to downstream processes into useable materials and also provides guidance to track materials sent to landfill in a particular year.

The methodology acknowledges that arrangements and their recycling service providers may use a range of different systems for recycling and material recovery and materials may be handled by more than one recycler before being processed, but collection arrangements must still be able to track and report on the full recycling process undertaken even where multiple recyclers are involved.


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